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Nazim Ünal Yilmaz & Kay Walkowiak - Transtone
Krokus Gallery presents the first joint exhibition of two young artists living and working in Vienna: the painter Nazim Ünal Yilmaz and the sculptor Kay Walkowiak.
1. 2. 2013 to 15. 3. 2013
Jana Farmanová - Conversion
The solo exhibition by the Slovak painter Jana Farmanová is a selection of her recent work.
6. 12. 2012 to 25. 1. 2013
Samuel Henne, Ádám Kokesch, Alice Nikitinová, Nina Rike Springer - It's Red and It Does Not Move
The Krokus Gallery presents a selection of works by German photographer Samuel Henne, Hungarian visual artist Ádám Kokesch, Czech painter Alice Nikitinová and Austrian photographer and video artist Nina Rike Springer.
25. 10. 2012 to 23. 11. 2012
Rastislav Podoba. At home, outside, near, above, northeast, far, below
Krokus Galéria cordially invites you to the solo exhibition of the Slovak painter Rastislav Podoba.
14. 9. 2012 to 19. 10. 2012
Dovičáková, Demeter, Farmanová, Kovačovský, Podoba, Šille - Summer exhibition 2012
Selected works by Lucia Dovičáková, František Demeter, Jana Farmanová, Patrik Kovačovský, Rastislav Podoba and Erik Šille. Presented media: painting, drawing and objects.
27. 6. 2012 to 31. 7. 2012
Patrik Kovačovský. Re-interpretácie
Curated by Katarína Müllerová
4. 5. 2012 to 15. 6. 2012
Peter Kalmus & Robert Mittringer - This is not a Painting
Krokus Gallery cordially invites you to the exhibition „This is not a Painting“ featuring the selection of works by Peter Kalmus (SK) and Robert Mittringer (AT).
14. 3. 2012 to 20. 4. 2012
Zones of Habitation - Tomáš Džadoň, Marianne Lang, Monogramista T.D, Pavla Sceranková
The exhibition Zones of Habitation, loosely related to the previous exhibition space (8850m vertical), is dedicated to the subject of space.
27. 1. 2012 to 2. 3. 2012
space (8850m vertical) - eva beierheimer, daniela krajčová, miriam laussegger, rastislav podoba, peter wehinger
The exhibition space (8850 vertical), which is a selection of Slovak and Austrian authors. Their common denominator is the interest in the phenomenon of space, its understanding and transformation in the media of drawing, video, installation and object.
25. 11. 2011 to 13. 1. 2012
Erik Šille - Noir Wellness
Krokus Gallery cordially invites you to an opening of the solo exhibition of Erik Šille.
14. 10. 2011 to 18. 11. 2011


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