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Shaped Reality. Between Object and Image - Samuel Henne, Jasanský - Polák, Viktor Kopasz, Péter Puklus
A group exhibition by artists from the Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Germany. In the centre of their interest lies the transformation of the world of objects into the shape of a photographic record which gains an autonomous aesthetic and semantic quality.
12. 11. 2014 to 16. 1. 2015
František Demeter - NO YES NO
Krokus Gallery presents the exhibition of the Slovak painter František Demeter entitled NO YES NO.
10. 9. 2014 to 24. 10. 2014
Summer exhibition 2014: Lucia Dovičáková, František Demeter, Tomáš Džadoň, Jana Farmanová, Svätopluk Mikyta, Lucia Nimcová, Rastislav Podoba, Erik Šille
Krokus presents Summer exhibition 2014, the finest selection from gallery depository and from the studios of artists cooperating with the gallery for many years.
27. 6. 2014 to 31. 7. 2014
Svätopluk Mikyta - Variabilita turba
Solo exhibition by the Slovak visual artist Svätopluk Mikyta curated by Mira Keratová.
16. 5. 2014 to 20. 6. 2014
Kristína Chrasteková video screening
On Tuesday, 6th May, 6pm Krokus and Kristína Chrasteková cordially invite to video screening of: ISLANDS (2013), SIOPISÉ (2013), WILDLY AND FIERCELY SOOTHES THE ANIMAL (2012)
6. 5. 2014
The Open Tents of Habima Fuchs - Meetings with Remarkable Women, with Zuzana Blochová, Habima Fuchs, Brunhilde Groult, Kristína Chrasteková
Krokus presents a group show with Habima Fuchs, Zuzana Blochová, Brunhilde Groult, Kristína Chrasteková and Kris Lemsalu.
21. 3. 2014 to 25. 4. 2014
Jana Farmanová, Klaudia Kosziba, Rastislav Podoba, Zbyněk Sedlecký - AREAS
An exhibition of paintings about space, surface, memory, structure and on the form of pictures and, ultimately, about why painting cannot die.
12. 2. 2014 to 14. 3. 2014
Lucia Dovičáková, Zenita Komad, Peter Wehinger - In the Name of Love
Krokus presents the exhibition “In the Name of Love” which showcases a selection from the current work of Lucia Dovičáková, Zenita Komad and Peter Wehinger.
29. 11. 2013 to 24. 1. 2014
Lucia Nimcová - Blind Spots
The solo exhibition of Lucia Nimcová is composed of photographs, collages, site-specific installation, video projection and a book publication titled Animal Imago.
18. 10. 2013 to 22. 11. 2013
Erik Šille - Made in Japan
The Krokus Gallery presents the solo exhibition of Erik Šille, entitled “Made in Japan”.
13. 9. 2013 to 11. 10. 2013


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