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Exhibited artists: Radek Brousil a Jan Pfeiffer, Michaela Knížová, Maroš Rovňák, Tereza Zelenková Curated by: Ivana Komanická
9. 11. 2017 to 13. 1. 2018
Tomáš Džadoň´s Ideal Co-Ownership
confidant: Anetta Mona Chisa
29. 9. 2017 to 28. 10. 2017
Apparatus of a utopian observer
Exhibited artists: Hynek Alt, Barbora Dayef, Veronika Franková, Juraj Gábor, Martin Chlanda, Oldřich Morys, Tatiana Nikulina, Libor Novotný, Jakub Rajnoch
8. 6. 2017 to 22. 7. 2017
Svätopluk Mikyta - TLAČ/ PRESS
25. 4. 2017 to 3. 6. 2017
Lucia Nimcová and Sholto Dobie - KHRONIKY
Since 2014, Lucia Nimcová together with Sholto Dobie have gathered an archive of photography, video and sound recordings, throughout western Ukraine.
11. 11. 2016 to 14. 1. 2017
Peter Kalmus - The Diary of a Hypochondriac
The first solo exhibition of Peter Kalmus in the Krokus Gallery presents a selection of works with a strong autobiographical and/or self-reflexive context.
8. 10. 2016 to 5. 11. 2016
Lucia Dovičáková – All the Reason to be happy are close at hand
Krokus Gallery presents a solo exhibition of Slovak artist Lucia Dovičáková titled All the Reason to be happy are close at hand. The exhibition will show a selection of works (paintings, drawings and water-colours) from the past two years. Lucia Dovičáková's works in the last decade have shaped up essential motives related mostly with a woman’s everydayness such as housework, care about one self and one’s body, human relations, couple dynamics and “battle of sexes". After birth of her child three years ago, yet another very bold and vivid motive of motherhood appeared in her works. The motive was processed and presented within her preceding solo exhibitions in the Bratislava City Gallery (2014) and plusmínusnula Gallery in Žilina (2015).
29. 4. 2016 to 11. 6. 2016


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