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Svätopluk Mikyta - TLAČ/ PRESS
The book Homo viator, published last year, presented an authoritative overview of an important strand in the work of Svätopluk Mikyta, developed by the artist over the past twenty years. The book seems to situate the artist within a clearly defined context: through the medium of hand-made Re-drawings (Prekresby) of historical intaglio prints, he explores their hidden, often eerie or grotesque, character. The artist’s main instrument in this exploration is his archive of accumulated technical images. Through their interpretation we obtain a report on the specific place and time. The books that visualised the ideological and social constructs of their period become, through the artist’s unveiling, their accusation. New readings of national symbols, totalitarian utopias and modernist canons are a characteristic feature of a significant portion of art created in Eastern Europe over the past twenty-five years.
25. 4. 2017 to 3. 6. 2017
Lucia Nimcová and Sholto Dobie - KHRONIKY
Since 2014, Lucia Nimcová together with Sholto Dobie have gathered an archive of photography, video and sound recordings, throughout western Ukraine.
11. 11. 2016 to 14. 1. 2017
Peter Kalmus - The Diary of a Hypochondriac
The first solo exhibition of Peter Kalmus in the Krokus Gallery presents a selection of works with a strong autobiographical and/or self-reflexive context.
8. 10. 2016 to 5. 11. 2016
The New Real : Let´s Get Lost
Exhibited artists: Štefan Bačinský, Adam Bosák, Paul Melkor Červeniak, Michal Holý, Martin Koniar, Adam Macko, Peter Maščák a Jakub Steranka Curated by Ivana Komanická VJ Party Paul Melkor Červeniak and Martin Koniar
10. 3. 2016 to 16. 4. 2016
Erik Šille - Anatomy of Quandary
The Krokus Gallery presents a solo exhibition of Slovak painter Erik Šille titled Anatomy of Quandary.
11. 12. 2015 to 20. 2. 2016
Three Versions - András Cséfalvay, Juraj Mydla, Martin Piaček
Krokus Gallery in collaboration with the Institute of National Remembrance presents group exhibition called Three Versions.
15. 11. 2015 to 5. 12. 2015
3 versions - András Cséfalvay, Juraj Mydla, Martin Piaček
Krokus Gallery in cooperation with Nation´s Memory Institute presents the group show entitled "3 Versions".
15. 11. 2015 to 5. 12. 2015


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