Ina Loitzl

Ina Loitzl (born 1972 in Klagenfurt/Austria) studied graphic art and visual media at the Mozarteum Academy in Salzburg and later at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in a studio of visual media under prof. Peter Weibel. The author feels at home in various media including video, photography or costume design producing collages and various textile objects. Her work is in fact characterized by mixing media often combining rare materials and traditional techniques such as gold and embroidery or knitting with the mass-produced objects. Adapting the strategies of kitsch and holiday gifts the artist offers her own aesthetics. The result, however, is the work of art that is a far cry from a conventional, aesthetically pleasing work. Its message can be found in artist´s subtle social criticism that makes us confront the borders of tolerance. Mainly of our own.


born 1972 in Klagenfurt, AT
lives and works in Vienna, AT

1992, study of graphic und visual media Medien, HS Mozarteum / Salzburg
1997, guest at the class visual media, HS für angewandte Kunst / Wien
2005, award for fine art, Carinthia (A)
2007, Fine Arts Award of Taichung / Taiwan



2013, Hairytales, Kro Art Contemporary, AT
2010, Beach, Künstlerhaus Videogalerie, Vienna, AT
2010, “Affaires de femmes“, Austrian Cultural Forum, Bratislava, SK
2010, Irrgärten durch den menschlichen Körper, Kro Art Gallery, AT
2007, Ein Stück Heimat II / galeriekärnten / Klagenfurt, AT
2006, Bis auf’s Blut / MA – Lounge / Villach, AT
2006, Grün, grün, grün / Grüne Galerie / Klagenfurt, AT
2005, Ein Stück Heimat / Neue Galerie Gmünd, AT


2012, Tatort Umwelt, Fotogalerie Wien, AT
2012, Soho in Ottakring Festival – Paradoxon, Vienna , AT
2011, Home edition, Central Slovakian Gallery Banská Bystrica, SK
2011, Open your mind, K-Haus Wien, AT
2011, U102 & Summer exhibition, Krokus Gallery Bratislava, SK
2010, Heimat-Domovina, MMKK Klagenfurt, AT
2010, Entdeckung der Langsamkeit, Kro Art Gallery, AT
2009, Berliner Liste, DE
2009, Lucia Dovičáková & Ina Loitzl, Female law, Krokus Gallery Bratislava, SK, SK
2009, „den blick öffnen“ / Europahaus/ Klagenfurt, AT
2009, Art Karlsruhe, DE
2008, ROT / Galerie 3 / Klagenfurt, AT
2008, FFF / FemeFeuerFanatismus / Mohr Villa / München, DE
2008, K08 Konfrontation und Emanzipation / MMKK / Klagenfurt, AT
2008, zeitraumzeit / Wiener Künstlerhaus / AT
2008, Wien Ansich(t) / Kro Art Gallery / Wien / AT
2008, Umfeld Kunst / Fotogalerie Wien / AT
2007, Open Call 1 / Die Quelle / Wien / AT
2007, 12th da dun art exhibition / Taichung / Taiwan
2006, Südwind / Kunst im Parlament / Wien, AT
2006, Exhibition / Cité des Arts / Paris, FR
2006, 8+1 / Verbindungsbüro Kärnten / Brüssel, BE
2006, Déjà vu? / Stadtgalerie / Klagenfurt, AT
2006, Schnittpunkte / Sudhaus / Villach, AT
2006, DNArtII / Vienna Campus, AT
2005, SCHNEEWEISS UND ROSENROT / Freihausgasse / Villach, AT
2005, spaces of memory / Stadtgalerie / Laibach, AT
2004, Frauenbild / Landesmuseum Niederösterreich, AT
2004, Leib / Galerie 3, AT
2004, SCREEN SPIRIT / Städtische Galerie im Buntentor / Bremen, DE
2004, Blickwechsel / Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten / Klagenfurt, AT

ORF/Wien Was mir heilig ist / kreuz und quer
Sarajevo Videobiennale in Bosnien – Herzegovina /
Wien Lady’s fest
Parkgewusel / Internationaler Kurz- und Videofestival
Heimat bist du kurzer Filme / Schikaneder
tricky women 07 und 08 / Top Kino /
Rumänien International Digital Film Festival Kinofest / Bukarest

Förderpreis für Bildende Kunst Land Kärnten, AT
Residency stay, Paris, FR
Fine Arts Award of Taichung / Taiwan

Land Salzburg, AT
Land Kärnten, AT
Stadt Klagenfurt, AT
Stadt Villach, AT
Casoria / Contemporary Art Museum / Neapel, IT
Sammlung Albertina, AT / Albertina Collection, AT

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